MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices


Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

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The resource covers the outcomes required to effectively measure current resource use and carry out improvements including those reducing negative environmental impacts of work practices.

The competency applies to operators/team members who are required to follow procedures so as to work in an environmentally sustainable manner. This ensures regulatory compliance and also aims at minimising environmental risks and maximises the environmental performance of the process and the organisation.

It includes:

  • Resources used
  • Potential environmental hazards
  • Improving environmental performance (within scope of competency and authority)

This competency applies to all sectors of the manufacturing industry and members of its value chain. It may also be applied to all sections of an organisation, including office, warehouse etc. This unit will need to be appropriately contextualised as it is applied across an organisation and across different industry sectors.

Environmental and resource efficiency issues include minimisation of environmental risks and maximisation of opportunities to improve business environmental performance and to promote more efficient production and consumption of natural resources.

Topics covered include work practice & minimisation of waste, efficient use of energy and resources, resource & waste management, managing hazardous chemicals, and reduce emissions & water use.

Skill practice questions consist of short essays and reports.

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