MEM30032A – Produce basic engineering drawings


Produce basic engineering drawings
182 pages

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The resource covers producing drawings or similar graphical representations where the critical dimensions and associated tolerances and design specifications are predetermined.
This unit applies to any of the full range of engineering disciplines. All work is carried out under supervision and all specifications, dimensions and tolerances are predetermined. The unit covers application of introductory drafting skills to select and apply drawing protocols.
Manual drafting or computer-aided design (CAD) drawing equipment may be used.

This unit applies to all engineering and manufacturing environments

Topics include types of drawings, projection, drawing sheets and layout, dimensioning, sections, lettering & notations, scales, detail & assembly drawings, general and geometric tolerancing, surface finish, identifying drawing requirements and information to be provided with drawings.

A diversity of skill practice exercises are included and target specific elements of each topic. Template drawings are provided on a CD (included).

A practice competency test is included at the end of the book to prepare the student.

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