MEM12023A – Perform engineering measurements (Superseded by MEM12023)


Perform engineering measurements

117 pages

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The resource covers performing measurement skills requiring straightforward use of mechanical measuring devices and associated calculations using devices which incorporate visual indications representing units of measurement. The resource relates to the use of measuring devices in a range of manufacturing, engineering and related environments and includes, where required, adjustment of measuring devices through simple means and typically includes zeroing or scale adjustment.

Measurements may be expressed in metric or imperial units. All measurements are undertaken to standard operating procedures. Electrical/electronic devices used are those not requiring the connection or disconnection of circuitry.

Topics include measuring devices, measurement practices, rulers, micrometres, vernier callipers, gauges, dumpy level, combination square and hardness test.

Skill practice exercises consist of short answer questions, reading and recording various measurements using a variety of standard instruments.

A knowledge test is provided in the resource.

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