CPCCCA2002B – Use carpentry tools and equipment


Use carpentry tools and equipment

241 pages

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The unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to safely select and use carpentry tools and equipment. It includes hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, plant and equipment and supports achievement of skills in identification, correct and safe use and maintenance of hand and power tools commonly used in the construction industry.

Topis in the resource include Topic 1 – Materials, Basic Tools & Marking Out; Strength & Stability, Topic 2 – OHS & Basic Tools (Hammers & Saws), Topic 3 – Environmental Requirements & Shaping, Topic 4 – Construction Site Safety & Clamping, Topic 5 –Authorities, Chisels & Setting Out, Topic 6 – Quality Requirements and Hand Planes, Topic 7 – Plant and Equipment and Power Tools, Topic 8 – Environmental Requirements & Leads

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